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Herman's Head

Herman Brooks is an aspiring writer working as a fact-checker for a magazine publisher. While dealing with life in the Big Apple, his inner thoughts and feelings are played out by four characters representing: His intellect, his fear, his sensitivity, and his lust. Herman's "outer world" consists of a trivia-trove of a boss, two female co-workers, one mouse-ish and the other a snobbish social-climbing bombshell, and a best friend who's both a successful writer, a sexist pig, and an all-around fun guy. Every episode we get to see Herman get through the many crises in his life with everything going on inside his head.


  • {cast_info_short.ACTOR NAME}

    Yeardley Smith
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    William Ragsdale
  • {cast_info_short.ACTOR NAME}

    Rick Lawless
  • {cast_info_short.ACTOR NAME}

    Peter MacKenzie

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Status: Afgelopen (Onbekend - 01:00)
Zender: FOX
Speelduur: 30min.
Startdatum: 01-09-1991

Volledige cast

  • {cast_info.ACTOR NAME}

    Yeardley Smith
  • {cast_info.ACTOR NAME}

    William Ragsdale
  • {cast_info.ACTOR NAME}

    Rick Lawless
  • {cast_info.ACTOR NAME}

    Peter MacKenzie
  • {cast_info.ACTOR NAME}

    Molly Hagan
  • {cast_info.ACTOR NAME}

    Ken Campbell
  • {cast_info.ACTOR NAME}

    Jason Bernard
  • {cast_info.ACTOR NAME}

    Jane Sibbett
  • {cast_info.ACTOR NAME}

    Hank Azaria

Alle afleveringen

Seizoen 1

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S01 E01 Pilot8 September, 1991
S01 E02 Lies, Lies, Lies15 September, 1991
S01 E03 Days of Wine and Herman22 September, 1991
S01 E04 Isn't It Romantic29 September, 1991
S01 E05 Fatal Distraction13 Oktober, 1991
S01 E06 The Herminator20 Oktober, 1991
S01 E07 My Brother, Myself27 Oktober, 1991
S01 E08 9 1/2 Hours3 November, 1991
S01 E09 Babbling Brooks10 November, 1991
S01 E10 Near-Death Wish17 November, 1991
S01 E11 Bracken's Daughter24 November, 1991
S01 E12 The Last Boy Scout1 December, 1991
S01 E13 Fear and Loathing in Manhattan22 December, 1991
S01 E14 That's What Friends Aren't For5 Januari, 1992
S01 E15 To Err Is Herman12 Januari, 1992
S01 E16 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Dying19 Januari, 1992
S01 E17 Hard Times9 Februari, 1992
S01 E18 A Kept Herman16 Februari, 1992
S01 E19 Herman au Naturel23 Februari, 1992
S01 E20 Sweet Obsessions8 Maart, 1992
S01 E21 First Time for Everything22 Maart, 1992
S01 E22 Bracken Up Is Hard to Do5 April, 1992
S01 E23 Guns and Neurosis19 April, 1992
S01 E24 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels3 Mei, 1992
S01 E25 Twisted Sister10 Mei, 1992

Seizoen 2

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S02 E01 Stop Me Before I Help Again13 September, 1992
S02 E02 Sperm 'n' Herman20 September, 1992
S02 E03 Herman's Heddy27 September, 1992
S02 E04 Intern-al Affairs4 Oktober, 1992
S02 E05 Brackenhooker18 Oktober, 1992
S02 E06 The Watertongate Break-In25 Oktober, 1992
S02 E07 Untitled Girlfriend Project1 November, 1992
S02 E08 The C Word3 November, 1992
S02 E09 Friends and Lovers8 November, 1992
S02 E10 Subterranean Homesick Blues15 November, 1992
S02 E11 The One Where They Go on the Love Boat22 November, 1992
S02 E12 Feardom of Speech13 December, 1992
S02 E13 A Charlie Brown Fitzer20 December, 1992
S02 E14 All's Affair in Love3 Januari, 1993
S02 E15 Open all Night17 Januari, 1993
S02 E16 Gals-a-Poppin'24 Januari, 1993
S02 E17 Anatomy of a Blind Date7 Februari, 1993
S02 E18 My Funny Valentine14 Februari, 1993
S02 E19 God, Girls and Herman28 Februari, 1993
S02 E20 Layla: the Unplugged Version14 Maart, 1993
S02 E21 The Cat's in the Cradle28 Maart, 1993
S02 E22 Fired in a Crowded Research Room11 April, 1993
S02 E23 I Wanna Go Home25 April, 1993
S02 E24 Love Me Two Timer2 Mei, 1993
S02 E25 Love and the Single Parent9 Mei, 1993

Seizoen 3

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S03 E01 Herma-phrodite16 September, 1993
S03 E02 There's a Fly Girl in My Soup23 September, 1993
S03 E03 When Hermy Met Crawford's Daughter30 September, 1993
S03 E04 When Hairy Met Hermy7 Oktober, 1993
S03 E05 Over Herman's Head14 Oktober, 1993
S03 E06 Jaybo and Weesie: A Love Story21 Oktober, 1993
S03 E07 Hermo-tivated26 Oktober, 1993
S03 E08 Jay is for Jealous4 November, 1993
S03 E09 Trouble in Paradise11 November, 1993
S03 E10 When Hermy Met Maureen McCormick18 November, 1993
S03 E11 An Actor Prepares2 December, 1993
S03 E12 A Decent Proposal16 December, 1993
S03 E13 When Hermy Met Crawford's Girlfriend30 December, 1993
S03 E14 Three on a Match13 Januari, 1994
S03 E15 You Say Tomato3 Februari, 1994
S03 E16 Once More with Feeling10 Februari, 1994
S03 E17 The Herm from Ipanema17 Februari, 1994
S03 E18 Bedtime for Hermo10 Maart, 1994
S03 E19 Herm In the Time of Cholera24 Maart, 1994
S03 E20 Absence Makes the Head Grow Fonder7 April, 1994
S03 E21 A Head in the Polls14 April, 1994
S03 E22 First Impressions21 April, 1994


Reacties op: Herman's Head

10 maart 2008 19:38

ha.. die heb ik wel eens voorbij zien komen vroeger op TV.. kan me herinneren dat er best wel grappige stukken in zaten (maar weet nu even niet meer wat..)
Avatar gebruiker
Berichten: 3486
Geregistreerd: 12 maart 2007 19:51

11 maart 2008 3:26

Ik keek het ook, maar wordt inderdaad niet meer herhaald sinds lange tijd.
Het gegeven is dan ook een beetje flauw.
Yeardley Smith weet ik nog wel, maar Hank Azaria niet.
Die laatste zat ook in Mad About You (waarschijnlijk dankzij Helen Hunt).
Berichten: 312
Geregistreerd: 23 jan 2008 11:27

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